Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

Ever wanted to do something extraordinary?  Then you must check out the motor cycle tours in Iceland.  Here you are able to travel way off the beaten path and see Iceland in a whole different way.  Guided by local experts in both motorcycles and traveling.  The beauty of this country is second to none (in our opinion) and the riding experience is extraordinary.  There is a reason for the few and proud motorcycle rental agencies in Iceland as it is not for the fainthearted to travel the highlands in Iceland.

See below a short list of tour agencies renting out motorbikes.

Want to roam on your own on a motorcycle in Iceland?  Contact us for further information!

Sportstravel motorcycle touring and rental in Iceland

Motorcycle tours and motorcycle rental in Iceland are growing in popularity in recent years.  Travel Iceland on a dual purpose motorcycle with or without a guide.  We have various tours to choose from or you can choose to roam freely on the Icelandic road.  Check us out at our website.   Gylfaflöt 15-17 112, Reykjavík […]

Biking Viking motorcycle tours

Biking Viking is a well-established motorcycle rental, which specializes in motorcycle tours around Iceland and have done so since 1998 with great success! In the beginning, Biking Viking was mainly focused on tailor-made tours in the Icelandic highlands and in day-tours for visiting guests with the sudden urge to ride a motorcycle in our beautiful […]