Horses in Iceland

When visiting Iceland there are a variety of Icelandic tours and activities that will satisfy your hunger for adventure and excitement.  There are several tour companies which offer a wide variety of riding tours in Iceland to suit anyone from experienced horse enthusiasts to first-time riders. The Icelandic horse has unique qualities born of Icelands unique natural environment, it is small but strong and sturdy in very rough terrain and has great stamina. This isolated breed also has a very unique gait known as tölt, found no where else in the world. If an afternoon of horse riding in Iceland is not enough to satisfy you then there are longer riding tours available where you experience the strong connection between Icelandic nature and the Icelandic horse on a personal level.

Here you’ll find a list of some of Iceland’s top tour and activities companies.

Top Horses

We are a fresh thinking privately owned fully licensed Booking company delivering a customer focused approach to finding the right holiday for you. From a short horse trip around the capital to a horse trip in the wilderness or a hike all around Iceland, we offer a lot‘s of choice. This choice, combined with expert, […]

Laxnes Horse Farm

  Laxnes Horse Farm was founded in 1968 by Þórarinn “Póri” Jónasson and his wife Ragnheiður “Heiða” Gislason. Today, 42 years later, the family has gotten bigger but our goal is still the same. We offer a top quality riding experience every day, all year round for you and your family. Laxnes isn´t just a […]

Eld hestar

If you would like to book a Half Day Tour, Combo Tour or Day Tour you can book online or contact us. If you are interested in a multi-day riding tour with Eldhestar (including 3 to 7 days on horseback), please inform yourself about tour dates and tours available. If you would like to book a multi-day riding tour, […]


ÍSHESTAR’S SAGA Íshestar Riding Tours was founded in 1982 by three families. One of the founders is Einar Bollason who recently retired. In 1992 and again in 1998 the company opened up for others to become shareholders. Several Icelandic travel agencies invested in the company and the construction of the Íshestar Stables in Hafnarfjörður began. […]

The Icelandic horse

ÍSLENSKI HESTURINN – The Icelandic Horse is a horse rental which offers high quality services and has been top ranked on TripAdvisor from the start. Small family firm with licensed local tour guides on all tours.     Website

Hraun Hestar

Hraunhestar is a family run company founded in 2015. We specialize in offering quality riding tours in the beautiful landscape of Hafnarfjörður. Our tours are short and ideal to experience the Icelandic horse in peaceful environment. We operate all year around and our staff welcomes you with a smile!

Viking Horses

Viking Horses offer short horse riding tours in beautiful nature on the outskirts of Reykjavik. Mountains, green nature and the beautiful pseudocraters at Rauðhólar surround our stables. We specialize smaller groups with personalized service. We are open all year round. Website