Snail Campervan rental in Iceland

Snail is a family business that specializes in motorhome rental enabling people to travel around Iceland in a simple and
budget friendly way.

This family business is based on decades of professional driver experience with a specialty in operating cars.

In light of that experience we offer VW Transporter high-roof motorhomes, because of its excellent driving features, low failure rate, economical gas usage and safety in driving on Iceland’s unpaved roads.

As we are increadibly experienced with driving in Icelandic conditions, we can tell you all the ways to stay safe and avoid accidents here in Iceland.

To tell you a bit about us. We are your average Icelandic couple that love nature and the outdors  are completely magical to us! We have traveled a lot in Iceland and we know all the best spots, witch we are eager to tell you about so that you can experience all the wonders of this amazing country.

Tangarhofdi 2
110 Reykjavík


Iceland 4×4 camper rental


Our speciality is renting out 4×4 Campers and Camping cars which are equipped with all of the camping gear needed for a pleasurable stay in Iceland. We own and run a large fleet of fully equipped Campers, specially designed to give you an experience of a lifetime. Our goal is always to make our customers satisfied by offering the best possible Camper solution while travelling around Iceland.

Iceland 4x4 camper rental office

Decades of extensive travel experience

We have carefully created and designed the selection of our solutions based on decades of travelling experience and camping around Iceland. It is our sincere hope to be able to assist travellers to connect with nature at an affordable price , and in a comfortable way.

It’s a passion of ours to travel and stay in the Icelandic nature, and we want our customers to experience the same. Iceland 4×4 Camper Rental offers one of the least expensive way possible to explore Iceland. We want travellers to stay as long as they want and have a great experience with our carefully selected solutions.

4X4 Camper Experts

Iceland 4×4 Camper Rental is run and locally owned by Camping Iceland ltd.  a company which has established a strong and good reputation among Camper travelers in Iceland. Our focus is more on four wheel drive campers and camping cars which is our speciality, and it´s for a reason that we do call ourselves „Higland Experts“. We can share the Icelandic way of exploring nature with you, and we will do everything within our power to help you realize your dream vacation.

Where to find us

Our office is at Flatahraun 21 – 220 Hafnarfjörður, at the corner of Flatahraun and Skútuhraun.It´s best to reach us with a taxi. But if you are coming by bus from Reykjavik, you just need to take the bus number 1 and get off at the bus stop called Hraunbrun. If you are coming with Flybus from the airport, you have to ask to get off at the Hotel Hafnarfjordur. From this point, you are at 10 mins walk from our office.

KúKú Campers

If you are looking for a great value in transportation and lodging in Iceland, then Kuku campers offer the lowest possible cost of bed and transport. As low as 80 Euros per day for the ultimate road trip around Iceland. The kuku campers are fuel efficient and reliable. Kuku camper also offer some nice extras for rent to make your trip memorable. Why not rent a guitar, a skateboard or one of the crazy kuku maps to enrich your experience.


Address, Flatahraun 21

220 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

Tel. + 354 415 5858



FARA Car Rental Iceland


Fara car rental is a family run agency. Providing touring vehicles and motor homes to travelers in Iceland. They offer a very personal meet and greet service at the airport and have high level of service.

Office: Hamraborg 10
200 Kópavogur


Camping Cars Iceland

Our business is operated from the Keflavik Airport, and our camping cars include everything you need to start your Icelandic holiday adventure.

When you rent one of our 4×4 vehicles, we like to think you are getting the best rental available here in Iceland. You get an economic vehicle with the luxury of a motorhome. You get the freedom of a 4×4 to travel both the lowlands and the highlands. You get all this for the low price of a small rental car. It’s an excellent value!

Think about your vacation. What better way to travel? You can stop and make camp whenever and wherever you want, so your good night’s rest is waiting for you at the end of your day. You are the schedule maker, and your vacation now revolves around what you what to do, not what time to check out of a hotel. Reserve your camping car NOW!

Office: Njarðarbraut 1k

260 Reykjanesbær


Drive And Sleep Iceland

Travel in Iceland with freedom to experience all it’s wonders in a comfortable and safe motor home. We provide costumer service and help you go the extra mile with outstanding service. Should you have any inquiries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. If your car is not available your days, please contact us and we will do our best to find another one for you.

Office: Rauðhella 14
220 Hafnarfjörður


JS Campers Iceland

JS campers has been in business since 1993. Currently we have over 40 4X4 pickup´s with campers for rent. We are a family run business with emphasis on personal service.

Many of our customers have visited us several times through the years taking advantage of our policy of always putting the customer first in order for him to enjoy the vacation he derservers.

Iceland is a unique place to visit and we help you experience the country the way we feel Iceland should be experienced. Our 4-wheel drive pickup cars enable you to drive on the rougher highland roads that cross the middle area of the country. There you can enjoy views and silence like you have never even heard of before.

Since you‘re travelling with your sleeping and cooking facilities you can stop and camp almost wherever you want to. We take pride in making your visit as enjoyable as possible and provide 24hr service throughout your stay.

To provide you with top pickup cars and campers . To provide excellent service from the time we pick you up at the airport until we drop you back off again.

„We help you experience Iceland the way Iceland is meant to be experienced“.

Office: Klettatröð 6
235 Reykjanesbær


BALI Car Rental Iceland

We are a small independent family owned car rental in Iceland, fully licensed with 24/7 call service. Free Keflavik airport pick up\drop off. We offer personal services, quality cars at competitive prices and our primary goal is to give our customers excellent service. All 2016 MODEL.

Offices: Njarðarbraut 11a,
260 Reykjanesbær


Affordable Campers Iceland

Camper rental in Iceland from Affordable campers will give you freedom and independence during your vacation. Wherever you go, all roads in Iceland are open to you and you determine your route yourself. Camper rental opens up new horizons for you! You can make a romantic trip together, or go on vacation with the whole family, without limiting yourself in comfort. Affordable campers offers you a large selection of campers. Hire a camper van now and discover unlimited travel possibilities!

With our camper booking system you can choose camper van, with calendar choose dates, select extras. Book camper now!


Camp Easy Iceland

Campeasy is a family-run camper van rental in Iceland. We produce quality campers and maintain excellent customer service. We place a high value on our customers and everyone that comes through our doors. We are experts at building campers and have designed and built campers for most camper rentals in Iceland. When we take a step forward in design, others copy. We put a large focus on quality interiors and accessibility in our camper designs. We are also international and speak Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Danish and English. Learn more about us below.

Our offices are located at Smiðjuvegur 72, 200 Kopavogur. We offer free transfer to our offices to everyone that books with Campeasy. We have a large reception area and good infrastructure to tackle anything Iceland can throw at us. We feel that the pick-up and drop-off process is just as much a part of your trip, so we make sure it’s as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Office: Smiðjuvegur 72
200 Kópavogur