Car Rentals in Iceland

Renting a car in Iceland is a popular choice among tourists traveling around the country. Given that you can drive around and see most of the country by driving on one road, it’s a safe bet to ensure an amazing experience. Car rentals in Iceland specialize in renting cars, campers and buses. Based on the high number of Icelandic car rental companies, the customer has a great advantage as there are many offers and deals to choose from. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of car rental companies available in Iceland.

MyCar car rental

Quality service and quality products We are dedicated with these two simple things.  This is why we ONLY offer brand NEW cars from Toyota that provide our customers with reliability and comfort as well as ensuring that their travels in Iceland will be as pleasurable as possible. Our cooperation with Toyota extends even further as […]

Iceland Car Rentals

Iceland Car Rentals offers wide range of quality cars at great prices. We operate two offices and provide pick up and drop off to locations in Reykjavik and Keflavik. No matter what purpose brings you to the country and the city, you can fall back on us to get the most optimum, hassle-free and low-cost […]

Nordic Car Rentals

Car hire in Iceland We offer wide range of affordable rental cars ranging from economical city cars and family cars which are perfect to explore the main roads, medium sized and 4×4 jeeps so that you can see and experience the hidden treasures in Iceland and mini buses for up to 16 passengers to. Whether […]

Isak 4×4 Rental

Established in 2007, ISAK 4×4 Rental is your complete 4×4 travel partner in Iceland. We offer classic 4×4 vehicles for hire, along with comprehensive travel support and guidance for our customers. Our vehicles are specially equipped for overland expeditions, and will take you to all the best hard-to-reach places in Iceland.   Website

Ice Holliday Cars

At Ice Holiday Car rental we offer a range from economical smart cars to luxurious SUVs. All at great prices. We believe that on your adventure in Iceland the car you drive makes a big difference. To make your experience of this amazing island wonderful we offer you cars that are excellent for Icelandic conditions, […]

Hasso Car Rental

Hasso Iceland car rental is a family owned car rental and our primary goal is to give our customers great service and quality cars. We have been operating since 1996 and we offer very good prices on car rental. For traveling in Iceland – you do not need 4×4 cars when just traveling on the main road but […]

Go Iceland

  Our primary goal is to have professional friendly service, the best rental rates in Iceland and make your travel experience comfortable and safe. We offer a wide range of 4×4 vehicles ready for your adventure in Iceland. Our Ford Escape is customers number one choice when exploring Iceland’s beautiful nature. We love to service. […]

Go Car Rental

Who are we? We are travelers like you Go Car Rental is a local owned business and was established in 2011 with the idea of offering travellers like you the best option for a reliable car to get you safely around iceland. We are also travellers like you. We believe that seeing Iceland’s beautiful nature […]

City Car Rental

A Dependable Car Rental Choice that Meets Your Needs City Car Rental is the most trusted car rental company situated in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland. From this comfortable location, we provide our clients with the most exciting car rental options. We maintain an extensive fleet of comfortable, well-serviced cars that is comprised of small […]

Fara Car Rental

Fara Ehf is a touring vehicle and camping equipment rental firm established in 2016. The company is based in Kopavogur, Greater Reykjavik. We provide the building blocks for a great holiday in Iceland by providing vehicles and equipment to fit your needs. Our products combined with our friendly, knowledable and professional staff will inspire and […]

Ice Rental 4×4 Iceland

When you visit Iceland, Icerental 4×4 can take care of all your 4×4 car rental needs. On many of the local F-Roads in Iceland, cars with 2-wheel drive aren’t allowed. For that reason, Icerental 4×4 has a wide variety of 4×4 rental cars suitable for Iceland roads. We have many different models and sizes of […]

Bali Bílaleiga

OUR HISTORY The name „Bali“ refers to my grandfather, my father’s father. His name was Ástmar Ingvarsson but always called Addi Bali but the Bali name referred to the farm he was from called Balaskarð which is located in the northern part of Iceland, between Blönduós and Skagaströnd. When Addi Bali met his wife, Jóhanna […]

Ice Rental Cars

Ice Rental Cars is a friendly car rental in Iceland. It is operated by a family owned private company. You can pick up and drop of cars in our car rental in Keflavik and in our car rental in Reykjavik. We have 50 years of experience in sale and leasing of cars and a workshop […]

Lava Auto Iceland

We are passionate to make your rental with us the most memorable. Our staff here at Lava Auto consists of professional, service-minded individuals that both love cars and have a solid understanding of the car industry. Our family-owned business also understands what constitutes quality service, and makes every effort to ensure that you are taken […]

Lotus Car Rental

At Lotus Car Hire Iceland, we offer you the most friendly, and personal services in Iceland. We are here to make sure you receive the most affordable, quality cars in Iceland. A journey begins with a first impression, so please allow us to guide you along your way! Your safety and affordability are our first […]

Orange Car Rental Iceland

We are an small independent family owned company and operated by team of car enthusiasts, that grew up in the car rental-sales business and have over 35 years of experience under our belt, offering a broad range of professional Car Rental – Car Hire services. We are a local company and therefore know a lot […]

Pro Car Rental Iceland

  Pro car is your local car rental expert, operating since 2009. You‘ll find the perfect rental car for your Iceland adventure in our wide selection of new, quality rental cars. We are dedicated to provide you with excellent service to ensure your vacation in Iceland is safe & pleasurable. Our friendly rental agents are […]

RÁS Car Rental

RAS Car Rental, in Iceland, was founded back in 1985. We are known for low prices, good personal service and reliable cars. We offer cars of many sizes and types, from small economic passenger cars to bigger and more comfortable 4X4 SUV´s Most of the rental cars are delivered at Drangahraun 3 in Hafnarfjordur (about […]

Route 1 Car Rental

Route 1 Car Rental is located in the Greater Reykjavik area, just 10 minute´s drive from Reykjavik City Center. The company was founded in 2010. We started on a small scale and as the years have passed the size of the company has grown. We provide a good and personal service. Our main concern is […]

Sad Cars Iceland

We offer cheap, used rental cars at the lowest possible price from Keflavik International Airport and downtown Reykjavik. We offer great customer service and a 24/7 emergency service. Try us out and experience Iceland the affordable way! Office: Bogartöð 2 235 reykjanesbær Website

Átak Car Rental

We know our roads  We have been in the car rental business since 1979 and know the roads of Iceland exceptionally well. Through our long experience, we have learned that a primary concern of visitors to Iceland is to rent safe and reliable vehicles. We are travelers ourselves and we love to traveling in Iceland; […]

Auto Rental

AutoRental is a family owned and operated, fully licensed car rental with 24/7 call service. The company was founded by two brothers in Iceland in 2012. What we do? AutoRental offers personal services and quality cars at compatible prices. We specialize in 4×4 SUVs and 4-wheel-drive cars best suitable for Icelandic roads and weather conditions […]

Lagoon Car Rental

Lagoon Car Rental is a family owned car rental in Iceland. Our mission is to help people experience all the best Iceland has to offer by providing customers with quality rental cars and personal service during their time in Iceland. All the cars we have to offer are less than two-year-old and are well equipped […]