Biking Viking motorcycle tours

Biking Viking is a well-established motorcycle rental, which specializes in motorcycle tours around Iceland and have done so since 1998 with great success!

In the beginning, Biking Viking was mainly focused on tailor-made tours in the Icelandic highlands and in day-tours for visiting guests with the sudden urge to ride a motorcycle in our beautiful country. Today Biking Viking offers all kinds of guided tours. You can choose to go on a day tour, a 3-6 day tour and even a 10-day tour that covers most of Iceland’s highlights.


  • Biking Viking also rents out motorcycles and scooters to those who want to discover the country or the capital on their own.
  • Biking Viking operates with BMW motorcycles in cooperation with BMW-Motorrad Germany.
  • All of Biking Viking’s guides are experienced and skilled riders that have profound knowledge on Iceland’s history and culture, not to mention their consciousness of the best roads to ride on bikes.


Biking Viking

Bolholt 4
105, Reykjavík