Happy world

We are weather Gods. Okay, maybe not Gods… more like nerds. During summer we chase Paragliding weather. During winter we chase Northern Lights weather. Basically, that makes us specialists in weather by now.

We’re not here to tell you the weather forecast though. We are here to make sure you will see the best possible display of Northern Lights, in winter. And that you’ll have the safest, most amazing, eye-opening experience possible with Paragliding, in summer.

Our tours are always small and exclusive. We believe this provides the best experience. Paragliding is always one-on-one. Northern Lights tours are never more than 7 people per guide/vehicle, and no more than 2 vehicles travelling together.

Happyworld is run by two friends, Anita and Robert, Paragliding and therefore meteorology enthusiasts. We have three additional Northern Lights guides and three tandem Paragliding pilots working with us. We only work with people we know personally and trust.

Our vehicles of choice are experienced, modified Land Rover Defenders. We call them HappyOne and HappyToo. The big wheels make sure we can go wherever we have to. Their classic rugged looks make sure we know we are on an adventure 🙂

Our company name ‘Happyworld’ comes from what we lovingly call our world up there when we are flying free like a bird.