Prime Tours Iceland

Experience one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world on your terms. Boiling mud, hot springs, blowing geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, tectonic plates, volcanoes and much more.

Dine in restaurants, bathe in thermal pools or see , in a museum, how a whole town reacts when the earth opens up under their feet.

Iceland Taxi Tours enables you to custom-build your own tour, with a personal driver/guide in a luxurious vehicle, or to book one of our carefully planned tours.

All our tours are private therefore all prices are per vehicle, not per person.

Our mission is to make your stay in Iceland as memorable as possible. Your driver/guide is chosen specifically for each group and has one mission only: to provide you with a unique, unforgettable and safe adventure.

We are a fully licensed tour operator and we are a member of the Icelandic Travel Industry Association.

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