Base Camp Iceland

Growing up in Iceland’s ever-changing nature is a privilege.
​From early age we have learned to appreciate the culture, the volcanic nature and even the weather.
Exploring Iceland high and low and learning the ways of the land and it’s people is a never-ending journey.

Finding hidden gems that are off the beaten track and building friendship and connections to amazing people are the rewards for those that put in the effort. Our adventure is taken on with pleasure and excitement every time as to us it means challenging our skills and knowledge of the land and it’s culture to best serve our guests and fellow travelers.

We offer small group tours, simply because that is how we like to travel our self. Iceland’s sudden rise as popular tourist destination means that we are more selective when it comes to deciding when and where to go.

We are spoiled from our years of „solo“ travelling in Iceland and we feel that with so many amazing places to see, being far from the crowds is more than half the charm of Iceland.

​Going Off The Beaten Track has it’s challenges as Iceland’s extreme nature is demanding on both guides, equipment and vehicles. Icelanders have therefore become specialists when it comes to modifying the vehicles for adventure. We make no compromise and will always provide the best match for the job of combining comfort with capability.. If you were to look up the term “outdoor enthusiast” in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Kommi´s weathered mug.

Kommi is a volunteer mountain Search & Rescuer and base-camp operator. A recent mission took him to Greenland, where he participated in the SAREX multi-national search and rescue exercise as a base-camp operator.

Besides mountaineering and rescuing wayward travellers, Kommi´s hobbies include sea-kayaking and hiking around in Iceland. Whatever the season – and for whatever reason – Kommi is always quick with a cup of steaming coffee from his stove-top espresso maker.