The Cave Víðgelmir Iceland

The Cave is a family owned and operated business based out of the historic farm of Fljótstunga in Western Iceland. For decades the family has enjoyed Icelandic nature and outdoor activities from sea to summit. The Cave is a developing project managed by the oldest child of the family, the adventure guide Hörður Míó.

„Míó“ as most people know him started his career as a rafting guide in 2007. He soon left the river behind to guide and explore the mountains and glaciers of Iceland. In 2010 he moved to Canada to further develop his skills as an adventure guide, and in 2012 graduated from Thompson River University – TRU.

On the business end of the excel spreadsheets are Míó’s parents. With years of experience as business owners and project leaders they are the solid foundation needed for a project of this scale. On the sidelines are Míó‘s siblings, always ready to jump in when needed.

From the very start it was clear that this project is like no other, and thats exactly what we wanted. To be able to offer our guests the opportunity to experience the most spectacular lava tube Iceland has to offer. Come and join us on a tour.

We are closer than you think.

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