Trip Iceland

Trip is a well-established tourist information and booking agency in the heart of Reykjavík. Our aim, simply put, is to help you create memories worth remembering and telling.

It all starts with deep love and respect for our country, mixed with a generous dose of wanderlust and first-hand travelling experience. It continues with selecting the best tour operators on the market and bringing their offer to you. Then it’s all about journeys worth taking, moments worth living and emotions worth feeling.

We work with all types of travellers, from budget backpackers to those looking for exclusivity and luxury. No matter what your budget is, we can surely find the right solution for you.

Our partners are reliable and qualified suppliers, from local family-run tour operators to big companies with decades of experience in the travel industry. We take pride in collaborating with all of them yet being independent.

We also keep an attentive eye on our prices, meeting or beating any offer currently advertised on the Internet. Trip will always strive to provide meaningful, rewarding and unforgettable experiences for our clients with the highest level of consultation service and personalised advice.
We look forward to sharing this all with you!!