Travice is a fully licensed travel agency that was founded 2014 by members of the Reykjanes community, they wanted to invest and build up the travel industry in their hometown and surrounding area.  The mission was to have an agency that would promote and combine all the best that Reykjanes peninsula has to offer, breathtaking landscape, diverse activities and a taste of the rich culture. Travice intends to be the expert when it comes to the Reykjanes Peninsula.

We will start by promoting what is already available on the market on our webpage. Gradually we will start creating our own products and focus on improving the quality and strengthening the cooperation within the travel industry located in the Reykjanes peninsula. Travice hopes to make the Reykjanes a steady part of the traveler’s itinerary in Iceland.

Over the years a large amount passenger that arriving with flight that land at our Keflavík International airport and drive through the Reykjanes peninsula without exploring the beautiful nature and sights that the area has to offer.  They might stop at the Blue Lagoon but that is just a small part of what we feel that Reykjanes peninsula has to offer.