Summit Guides Iceland

Summit Adventure Guides is an Icelandic tour operator from West Iceland. Our home and base is Snæfellsjökull National Park, where most of our tours take place.

It all began few years ago when father and son team (Thor & Aegir) started cave guiding around Snæfellsjökull Glacier. Thor and Aegir later started an operation in Vatnshellir Cave that is now possibly the most visited cave in Iceland. From there they figured that there was quite some demand for activities in the area. They began expanding to glacier hikes and few kinds of different hiking tours in the area around their home. That later evolved into Summit Adventure Guides, which is a brand that covers all of these activities under one roof. We offer both collective and private tours from the deepest caves to the highest summits.

Training and Qualifications

Thor and Aegir have qualifications and education from the very best standards in the international guiding industry and immense training and instructing experience from the Icelandic search and rescue teams. We have education and certificates from Thompson Rivers University in fields of adventure guiding, Rescue 3, Wilderness Medical Associates, RNLI, Canadian Avalanche Association and we follow standards of the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides to name a few.
The same goes for our guides, all of them have extensive certifications and experience in adventure guiding. Many of them are educated from Thompson Rivers University and every single one of them has a valid Wilderness First Responder qualification from Wilderness Medical Associates.

Safety of our guests comes first, then your happiness.
Please don’t hate us if our risk assessment stands in the way of your plans. In the end it’s only to improve your safety. It’s our job.