Perlan Museum Reykjavík

Perlan Museum opened Iceland´s first Glacier- exhibition on 2 July 2017. It is the first step towards creating a unique museum of natural wonders that all Icelanders can be proud of. In the coming year, Perlan Museum plans to open upcoming exhibitions that are currently under construction. The first floor will be finished as a whole in May 2018. Perlan Museum plans to open Iceland’s first planetarium. This new, cutting-edge planetarium will offer an immersive experience in a 360°dome with the best quality images available in the world today, including innovative audio.

Meanwhile, guests are welcome to enjoy the observation deck with its panoramic view on Reykjavík, and the restaurant and the café will serve delicious food and beverages.

More than a century of collective experience

At the beginning of 2016, the City of Reykjavík was looking for interested parties to create and run an ambitious exhibition that features our Icelandic natural wonders. Perlan Museum teamed up with an interdisciplinary group of artists, geologists, marketing- and travel specialists to write a proposal for the biggest and most ambitious nature exhibition ever built in Iceland. The proposal was accepted, and so began further development and building on the exhibitions. The group partnered up with several international companies that are specialized in the design of museums and exhibitions, with more than a century of collective experience in the field.

Close collaboration with scientists and artists

The exhibitions are based on the most recent knowledge and findings in geology and other natural sciences. Perlan Museum collaborates with leading scientists of each field. The goal of Perlan Museum is to present a world-class natural-science center, which communicates the latest research and findings of professional scientists as well as the work from PhD students at the University of Iceland.

Perlan, The Pearl