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Nonni Travel is established in 1988 by Helena Dejak. On 6th May 2016 new owners bought Nonni Travel. Ingi Þór Guðmundsson came into the company with the current employees and they will continue the good work as before based on the company’s firm foundations.

Serving roughly 3,000 clients annually, Nonni Travel has built up a reputation for reliability and personal service. The bureau now has a staff of seven employees and additionally employs professional guides depending on the demand. In Iceland we use guides who are fluent in different langugages such as English, French, German, Italian, Slovenian and the Scandinavian languages. Guides in the Faroe Islands are fluent in English and Danish as are most guides in Greenland. In the remote areas of Greenland the local hunters speak Danish and even some English.

Iceland is an exotic destination in its own right, but also enjoys the geographical advantage of being half way between the Faroe islands and Greenland. The three countries have a very different climate, geology and culture. It might be said that the cultures of East and West met for the first time ca 1000 A.D. in Greenland, when the Norse settlers met the Thule Eskimoes that had also just arrived all the way from Asia. Today only the Inuit or Greenlanders as they are called, survive, but remains of Norse farms and churches are still in evidence. As Icelanders, the Faroese are descendants of the Vikings and they have managed against all odds to preserve their cultural heritage. Combining either or both Greenland and the Faroe Islands with a visit to Iceland, will give a fuller experience and a deeper understanding of the cultures and nature in these outposts of the North Atlantic.

Tours and recreational acitivities will vary from half day excursions to longer trips. The summer season offers the best weather in all three counties. However, Nonni Travel encourages travel in the winter and in the „shoulder“ seasons, outside the most active summer season. Winter with its short daylight hours and sometimes stormy weather certainly has its charm. With some exceptions tours and activities in Iceland and the Faroe Islands can be conducted during all four seasons. Greenland’s extreme climate on the other hand results in a marked difference. Winter activities include dog sledge trips and ski-trecking, mostly in March, April and May, when the sun has returned and the weather is warmer. Summer activities, starting in June, include hiking and trekking, kayaking, boating and cruising expeditions.

Having thorough knowledge of the geography of the region and its infrastructure Nonni Travel has often been requested to take on other tasks not normally conducted by travel agencies namely Ship Handling and Logistical Services to expeditions.
* Well connected and mobile, the staff of Nonni Travel regularily handles cruise ships and research ships in ports all around Iceland. In many cases this has included excursions for passengers and crew.
* Our connections with local airlines and shiping companies and not least our knowledge of the infrastructure in Greenland has regularily led Nonni Travel to undertake logistical services for expeditions and scientific projects to East and North East Greenland.



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