Route 1 Car Rental

Route 1 Car Rental is located in the Greater Reykjavik area, just 10 minute´s drive from Reykjavik City Center. The company was founded in 2010. We started on a small scale and as the years have passed the size of the company has grown. We provide a good and personal service. Our main concern is to keep our customers safe and to help them have an enjoyable vacation. We offer efficient and trustworthy low mileage rental cars for very competitive prices.
We offer a free pick-up and drop-off shuttle service in the Greater Reykjavik area, free of charge. We can, for your convenience, deliver the rental car to you. This service is offered in the Greater Reykjavik area for a small fee.
For Keflavik International Airport deliveries, there is a small fee. Airport services are offered all around the clock.
To ensure that you feel comfortable driving around our extraordinary country and to let you concentrate solely on the beauty surrounding you we only offer cars with low mileage. We offer a wide selection of cars, all of which you can read more about under Vehicle above.
We at Route 1 Car Rental always do our best to serve our customers. Part of that is to provide a good and personal service and assist our customers in any way we can. Our customers have been very satisfied with our services as can be seen in our REVIEWS and our goal of having our customers coming back to us is now a reality.


Bæjarhrauni 24

220 Hafnarfjörður



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