Bali Bílaleiga


The name „Bali“ refers to my grandfather, my father’s father. His name was Ástmar Ingvarsson but always called Addi Bali but the Bali name referred to the farm he was from called Balaskarð which is located in the northern part of Iceland, between Blönduós and Skagaströnd. When Addi Bali met his wife, Jóhanna Sigurjónsdóttir (my grandmother), that was from Vestmannaeyjar but studied at the Women’s College in Blönduós they moved together to Skagaströnd and had four children, my dad being the youngest of the four (Ástmar Kári Ástmarsson). In Iceland the last names are a little bit different from most countries. You take your father’s given name (or your mother’s if you don’t have a dad) and add son or daughter to the end. ​- Maríanna



Njarðarbraut 11a
260 Njarðvík




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