Wildlife in Iceland 

Whales around Iceland

From the beginning of history, people have regarded whales with mixed feelings, seeing them variously as terrifying beasts, animals to be exploited or mysterious and fascinating beings of wonder. 
In the eyes of some, whales are shrouded in mystique, while others see them as man's rivals on the fishing-grounds. For the most part, whales are now protected, and the last few years more and more people have sailed the open seas on whale watching tours to look at them in their native element.


Birds in Iceland

All counted, 241 kinds of birds are known to have visited Iceland at one time or another. 
Of these 72 nest regularly, 6 are common passage migrants, about 30 are regular drift migrants or winter visitors, and the rest end up here accidentally. 
Sea birds, waterfowl, and waders are the most common indigenous birds with the puffin strealing the limelight.