Shopping Malls

There are two large centrally located shopping malls in the Reykjavík area. One of them, Kringlan, is located within walking distance of several of the city's main hotels. Smaralind, a new and popular shopping mall that opened in November 2000, is located somewhat further from downtown Reykjavik, in the adjoining town of Kopavogur. Both of these shopping malls are easily accessible by bus from the old city center and have ample free parking.

Kringlan Shopping Center

Kringlan Shopping Center is conveniently located close to downtown Reykjavik and near the city’s main theatre house. Kringlan houses about 150 shops and services, including a multiplex cinema, a food court and three themed restaurants. Given that everything is under one roof, you can spend a few hours at Kringlan and take care of all your shopping needs.



Smáralind is the largest shopping mall in Iceland with more than 80 shops, restaurants and businesses, located in the middle of the greater Reykjavik area. With Reykjavik being such a small city, it only takes a few minutes to drive from downtown Reykjavik by car. Given that it’s the biggest mall in Iceland, one can easily spend the day at the three-story facility, shopping, having a bite to eat or catching a movie at their top-notch cinema complex known for their special VIP theatres.