Hydro and Geothermal Power

Iceland is the only country in Western Europe that still has large resources of competitively priced hydroelectric power and geothermal energy remaining to be harnessed. Although electricity consumption per capita in Iceland is second to none in the world, at about 28,200 kWh per person, only a fraction of the country’s energy potential has been tapped. About 87% of the population enjoys central heating by geothermal energy at a price that is generally less than half of the comparable cost of oil or electric heating, thus contributing to making Iceland one of the cleanest environments in Europe.  Both hydro and geothermal power in Iceland are sustainable and supremely environment-friendly – “green” resources which are free from the atmospheric emissions of fossil fuels and the potential hazards of radioactive power sources.

Jardboranir - Iceland Drilling

Iceland Drilling Ltd. is a leading high technical company in the field of high temperature geothermal drilling and has many decades of experience in both high and low temperature drilling. 


Landsvirkjun is the largest energy producer in Iceland. It was founded in 1965 by the city of Reykjavik and the state of Iceland. 


Mannvit is a leader in geothermal energy and hydroelectric power, with over four decades of experience in all phases of the development of power plants. 


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