Holiday in Iceland


Spending your holiday in Iceland will be an unforgettable experience filled with awe-inspiring moments. Before packing and heading out the door for your trip to Iceland, read on for some insightful tips about what you need to know before your holiday in Iceland, the nightlife, where to eat, getting around, the best things to do when traveling to Iceland, tourist office information and some help with the local lingo. In traveling to Iceland, your experience will be an Icelandic tour filled with exploration and adventure.

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Before you go to Iceland

Before you to go to Iceland it’s important that you prepare yourself with practical information. Here you will find a range of topics that will hopefully answer some of the questions on your mind. Whether you are travelling on your own or in a group, the information will hopefully make it easier for you before you go to Iceland.

Fish Spa

Fish Spa Iceland
In 2012 we discovered the Garra rufa and then the Fish Pedicure. Given the potential and benefits of this practice, we decided to use our expertise to start the first Fish Spa in Iceland. We are able to offer this innovative treatment in an environment always sterile and free of any harmful bacterial form. To do this, we have equipment which sterilizes the water continuously, always keeping the environment perfectly healthy.
The Garra rufa are small freshwater fish , very popular and loved all over the world for their delicate micromassages, which make the skin incredibly soft and smooth, in addition to being highly effective anti-stress treatments.

Getting Around

There are many ways to get around the country to experience all that Iceland has to offer. Whether you are walking, driving around the countryside or staying in town, this list of options will help you in figuring out what will work best for you.

Night Life

As with Reykjavik the best spots to start socializing are bars and pubs, as well as some of the cafes that turn into bars after 6pm. Some of the bars listed below are attached to restaurants but you can always drink without eating.

Top 10 Things to do in Iceland

Although there are a myriad of things to do and see when you come to Iceland, there are certain things that one must do before exiting the country. If you only have a limited amount of time, or want to see the best of the country, check out these sites and activities to help you in your planning.

Tourist Information Center

To assist you with any questions you may have, visit the official Tourist Information Center, conveniently located in the downtown square.

Useful Icelandic Expressions

Learning a few useful Icelandic phrases or words can go a long way to making your stay or visit in Iceland more enjoyable.