Icelandic Fisheries and fish processing

Iceland is the second biggest fishery behind Norway in the North East Atlantic, since overtaking the United Kingdom in the early 1990s. Given all of the Icelandic fisheries and fish processing companies, this country is the ideal location for companies producing fish products and fishing gear for the European and American markets. The country has a 200-mile exclusive zone of rich fishing grounds and a fishing fleet with a total capacity of around 120,000 GRT (gross registered tonnage). Plentiful supplies of fish are also available from foreign vessels and Iceland´s distant-water fleet fishing beyond the exclusive zone. In 2003 Iceland was the 12th largest fishing nation in the world with around 2% of world catches. Here you'll find a list of a few of the major Icelandic fisheries and fish processing companies.

HB Grandi

HB Grandi is one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland and a leader in its field. 

Iceland Fish Online

Welcome to Iceland Fish Online and our new website. Seafood is our heritage and tradition and our aim is simple: To bring you the best and freshest seafood directly from Iceland to your kitchen.

Icelandic Group

Icelandic Group is uniquely positioned in the seafood sector with its international network of production and marketing companies in Europe and Asia. 


LYSI was established in 1938 and since that time has built up extensive knowledge in the production of marine lipids, to become a global leader in its field. 


Marel is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of high-tech processing equipment for the food industry. 

Samherji HF

Samherji Ltd. is one of the largest companies in the Icelandic fish industry. The company engages in operating freezer trawlers, purse seiners as well as land based factories in Iceland for white fish...


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