Icelandic Clothing Companies

Icelandic clothing companies have garnered global attention for their creativity and unique designs. Given this, Icelandic clothing brands have a strong worldwide following. Currently there are several Icelandic clothing companies specializing in Icelandic fashions that range from outdoor clothing to designer cardigans. Based on a rich history of knitting, weaving and utilizing Icelandic wool in many different ways, a special artistry has developed in creating sweater, cardigan and jacket designs. Icelandic fashion is always evolving while still bringing a modern touch to traditional pieces. Here you’ll find a list of Icelandic clothing companies.

66 North

66°NORTH was founded in Iceland in 1926 and began with protective-wear designed to shield the Icelandic workforce from the forceful weather and severe winters. 

Farmers Market

Farmers Market is an Icelandic design company and clothing brand, founded in 2005 by a young artistic couple – a designer and a musician. 

Nordic Store

Nordic Store offers a wide range of Icelandic Products shipped worldwide to your home. Most notably, the company carries an extensive collection of Icelandic designed wool sweaters...


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