Car Rentals in Iceland

There are many Icelandic car rental services to choose from. From small family owned Icelandic car rentals to the large franchises such as Hertz. The car rentals in Iceland offer many different types of cars. If you plan to explore the country you might be looking for a 4x4 car rental that specialize in offering cars that can go to the Icelandic highland. There also many car rentals in Iceland that offer the everyday car that will get you around the city and to the nearest outskirts of the capital. Here you'll find a list of the top car rentals companies in Iceland.

ATAK Car Rental

Atak was founded in 1979 and is a local Icelandic car rental with the same owner from the beginning.

Local Car Rentals in Iceland is an online car rental website that offers comparison of local car rentals in Iceland.

City Car Rental


City Car Rental offers you great rental deals on used vehicles. The company specializes in older rental cars in great condition and offering the lowest rental price available.

 We operate from our Keflavik office in  Reykjanesbaer located in the vicinity of Keflavik International Airport. Offering pickup and dropoff at the airport & in Keflavik and also dropoff in the Greater Reykjavik Area.

GO Car Rental

Established in 2011 with the goal to offer travelers a way to explore the Icelandic nature and highlands in a comfortable, affordable and a safe way.

All their vehicles have an automatic transmission, to maximize your comfort.

Hafnarfjordur (Reykjavík location), Keflavik (Airport location)


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Procar Car Rental

 No matter what your vehicle budget is, Procar can accomodate you. With a wide range of quality rental cars and a genuine quality service. Our vehicle fleet consists of brand new, top of the range models with safety,comfort and service standards being at the highest level like our 24 hour around the clock customer service.